Artist Statements by Ashmina Ranjit


“Art should talk about our contemporary society. About women, identity, and social political issues.”

“Art is what you live in and live through. I can’t separate my life and art.”

“What we study, what we learn, and what we experience is what we become.”

“I don’t look for the medium. The concept or idea explores the medium.”

“Art is not the object, but it comes out of the object.”

“Within my Newar/Nepali context, there is no separation between life, spirituality, and artistic expression. It’s all one.”

“Being born with a womb inherently makes my experience different. Physically I feel different. In Nepal, I live within a world of patriarchy, in a context where being born as a woman, I am treated differently. My experience is different. And this influences what I create.”

“Menstruation is a natural phenomenon. If it doesn’t happen then life comes to standstill. Rather than ostracizing it, we should celebrate it.”

“I have come to realize that my personal experience is also political. It’s not just my voice, it is everyone’s voice. It’s every woman’s voice.”

“When I became myself I became free. And for me, with that freedom comes responsibility.”

“The state is dead. Men have become the state and women are stateless.”

“Every being has their space. And once one tries to step into another’s space violence begins. If we respect each other’s space, peace and harmony will be there.”

“Having knowledge is not enough. Wisdom is the most important part.”

“I live on the edge. Uncomfortable zones make me comfortable. As artists, being in the uncomfortable zones opens us to vulnerability. And we need this in order to create.”

“The competition is not with others, it is within myself. I challenge myself to move forward.”

“Money is not everything. It’s just the means…”

“It’s not looking, it’s being aware and using all your senses.”

“People ask me how long it takes to make a work of art. And I say: do you mean when I took the canvas and painted? Or when I had the concept? Or, do you mean when I had the moment that inspired the concept?”

“Terms don’t have meaning, a term is limited. What you actually do is beyond the term, what you actually experience is beyond the word.”

“The product is the coming together of all the moments spent making the work. The process is so important. How do you do what you do?”

“I want to be me. I don’t want to go back to the past or imitate.”

“What is bothering me, is what I create.”

“I am an artivist. An artist and an activist.”

© Ashmina Ranjit 2017 |